Scientific Interactive

Scientific Interactive Services

Scientific Software Services
custom software development

For established methods, or to test out a seed idea that needs customised software development, we offer the following:

  • Automation of established methods, particularly involving combining multiple computational tools as a workflow
  • Prototyping: Feasibility of seed idea in terms of computer code
  • Scripting and developing small utilities and GUIs for data-preprocessing
  • User-friendly interfaces (GUI) for existing command-line codes
  • Web-based access to the existing command-line codes

Working with Scientific Interactive gives you unique advantages:

  • Method availability to larger audience with real application
  • Different models for distribution: free / public domain, one-time sale, subscription based sale or limited access through web interface
  • Improve impact and visibility of scientific work in terms of citations

Consultancy Services
Computational facility setup

We offer consultancy covering multiple of your research needs:

  • Setting-up new computational lab, including locally owned Linux based cluster
  • Upgradation of existing computational facility
  • Applications and usage of existing computational software (Gaussian, GAMESS, Gromacs) for your research problem
  • Training on computational methods for basic calculations and concepts especially for experimentalists to support their experimental outcomes

Working with Scientific Interactive gives you unique advantages:

  • Adapt to fast changing technologies, in terms of hardware and software tools
  • Customised solutions according to evaluation of your requirement
  • Complete control over your computational resources, no more shared queueing systems