Scientific Interactive

About scientific interactive

It all started with writing small tools and scripts during our Ph.D. tenures. We were working on a project involving mathematical formulation of a divide-and-conquer method for quantum chemical calculation of large molecules called Molecular Tailoring Approach.

Evidently, the evolution and further development of the method was not feasible without writing computer codes for it. This is how we started blending the two domains and acquiring the experience.

To better stream line the small utilities we developed, we started to build full scale tools, encompassing visualization, computation and collaborative frameworks (MeTA Studio, MTA Plugin). Over the time, we wanted these tools to be available to a larger community of researchers, so we made these publicly available.

As time passed, we though that we could bring in better value to the research fraternity by offering our experiences to cater to their specific needs. And hence we set up Scientific Interactive, with an aspiration to become one stop computational research partner.

Our Team

Anuja Rahalkar

Ganesh Venkateshwara