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We are a scientific research oriented software solutions company based in India. With our passion for research and scientific computing, we are one of a kind team positioned best to augment your research with our tools and expertise.

We envision a future where computational and experimental scientists reap benefits of scientific computational methods with equal ease to boost their research.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between specialized domain knowledge and scientific computing. We help to make available scientific methods in an easy-to-use form with maximum automation, in turn substantially improving their usability, reach and reproducibility of computational experiments.

Bridging The Gap

The development of any computational method consists of formulating the math and theory along with writing the corresponding computer program in order to realise the full potential of that method. Many a times pure science students lack programming skills, which either results in using manual method, or a crude computer code. While these may suffice for proof-of-concept studies, thesis or even a publication, the utility remains limited.

As a result, the application of these methods remains mostly restricted to within the group where it was originally developed. For wider accessibility of the method, a computer code implementation needs to be easy to use and accessible to users not necessarily with strong computer background.

With over a decade of experience in scientific research and computing, we at Scientific Interactive offer a solution to this very hindrance by providing wide range of customised solutions from consultancy to software development.